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Mold Inspections, Sampling, and Testing

Serving Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County

Molds can be found anywhere and virtually grow on any substance.

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Why is Mold a problem today?

Since the 1970's, when there was a shortage of oil, home construction has changed dramatically. It is now common practice to heavily insulate homes, wrap the exterior with a vapor barrier, and create less ventilation from the outside air. This can cause the potential for mold growth if there is a water event. According to statistics from the Bureau of the Census, 35% of homes are damaged due to water or moisture yearly. With the wood, cellulose, and other organic materials used in buildings, this is now a fertile platform for mold growth.

All buildings can be affected by excessive moisture. The source of the water intrusion must be identified and fixed to prevent further mold growth. Suspected visible mold growth can only be determined by Laboratory analysis for positive identification.

Identifying mold or mold problems should be done by a trained inspector who is knowledgeable in all factors of mold growth. A thorough inspection by Accuracy Assured Home Inspections will identify all possible causes of mold growth within the premises. I can also take the appropriate samples for laboratory analysis of suspected mold growth.

Health and Mold

Mold is a fungus. The main purpose of mold is to break down dead materials, like wood and fiber that are used in building materials. There are good molds and bad molds. Some molds are used in making antibiotics, beer, and cheese, for example, while other types of molds can cause serious health effects.

Mold growth can start as soon as 24 hours after a water event has occurred. Mold can often be seen in the form of a discoloration or a stain. When molds are present in large quantities, called colonies, they become a health concern. Some people are sensitive to molds. Exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation and can trigger Asthma episodes. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Some people with chronic lung illness, such as obstructive lung disease, may develop mold infections in their lungs.

Mold growth in a building is often hidden!

You may  suspect hidden mold if the occupants are reporting health issues or there is a musty odor or history of water intrusion. Mold may be hidden in places such as the back side of drywall, wallpaper, or paneling, the top side of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets and pads. Other areas can be behind walls or above ceiling tiles where moisture has occurred or around windows and inside ductwork. There are many places for mold to "hide" and only a trained Inspector with the proper equipment can find these hiding places.

My Mission

Committed to providing the most thorough and comprehensive Mold inspection and testing available; using state-of-the-art assessment procedures and equipment to completely evaluate the air quality in your home or business and identify the sources of moisture and water intrusion that may be causing mold growth which can affect the property value and occupants health is my target.

  • I offer both Residential and Commercial Services.
  • I am fully trained and certified in Mold Inspection and Assessment.
  • I have college level training in microbiology and industrial hygiene.
  • The services provided are efficient, accurate and always completed in a timely and professional manner.
  • Culturable sampling methods are available to provide Health Care Professionals with the speciation of molds found.
  • Once I have inspected your property I will provide you with a full report and laboratory findings.

Mold Inspection Processes

Control Samples

Because there are no known industry accepted threshold limits for circulating mold spores within a living space, school, or office setting, we take a minimum of two outdoor control samples to establish a reference range to compare all interior samples against. The general consensus in the indoor air quality industry suggests that circulating mold spores in an interior space should be lower than or similar to outside air.

We take a minimum of two outdoor control samples, each on opposing sides of the building to establish a range. It is essential that two samples be taken because mold levels can vary significantly on various sides of a structure because of surroundings and wind directions. Obtaining only one control sample does not provide sufficient data to know what is normal for the sampling location.

We also take a minimum of one interior control sample in an area that is thought to be unaffected by mold growth. This sample is to verify that there is not a widespread issue within the home. If elevated circulating spore levels are detected in this sample, it suggests that there is mold growth in other areas that were initially thought and further testing or detailed inspection is recommended.

When comparing the interior samples to the control samples, the common misconception is to compare the total spore counts listed on the laboratory analysis results. The correct method is to compare individual mold types that are listed against one another. This is because some types of molds are more prevalent in normal air than others. The size of the mold spores also has an influence in determining if levels are acceptable or out of range. This is where a thorough understanding of the individual types of molds and statistical analysis come together in interpreting laboratory results. While some types of molds may be outside the reference range of the control samples taken, if the levels are within certain percentages, they may be considered normal for a healthy environment. Other types of molds can have a little as one spore show up in the results and be considered elevated.

When comparing control samples against interior samples, occasionally there will be mold types that show on the interior that were not in the control samples. This can happen on days that there are wind gusts while taking the outdoor control samples as the lighter spores have a tendency to be blown around more and do not make their way into the spore traps that are used for sampling. We take this into consideration when examining the laboratory results and compare the spore counts to what was observed in the area at the time of sampling. We provide an interpretation of the laboratory results as most people are not familiar with the scientific or mathematical language that is contained in the laboratory results. If there are types of molds that are listed in the laboratory results that do not show in the control samples and they are not mentioned in our interpretation, they are likely not significant enough levels to warrant concern.

Limited Mold Sampling

The purpose of limited mold sampling is to detect the presence of microbial contamination in client defined areas of the subject property. This level of service consists of taking appropriate samples in specified locations. This service provides a fast economical method to determine if and what types of mold are in a defined affected area. The limitations of this service are that other sources of mold in the home may go undetected.

Minimum 4 Samples Required (2 Outdoor Controls, 1 Interior Control, 1 Primary Area of Interest) $400.00
Each Additional Sample (Air Samples, Swabs, Tape Lift, or Bulk Sample) $75.00

Mold Screen

This level of Mold Inspection utilizes a visual assessment of the entire house, identification of any "red flags" for mold, and limited sampling for mold. If "red flags" are found in multiple areas, the client will be advised and offered the chance to have additional sampling performed in any/all identified areas and also the chance to upgrade to a Mold Survey. The Mold Screen is usually performed as a routine adjunct to a normal home inspection associated with a real estate transfer, requested and paid for by the buyer. The value of this service is that all "red flags" are identified. It is limited since complete sampling and further field assessment are required to write remediation specifications for the site.

Inspection Fee (Up to 3,000 square feet) $300.00
Minimum 4 Samples Required (2 Outdoor Controls, 1 Interior Control, 1 Primary Area of Interest) $300.00
Each Additional Sample (Air Samples, Swabs, Tape Lift, or Bulk Sample) $75.00

Mold Survey

The purpose of the mold survey is to detect the presence of a microbial problem in all readily accessible areas of the subject property following prescribed protocols, and collect appropriate data elements to enable remediation specifications to be produced. The value of this service is that it identifies, determines cause and provides corrective measures for all mold sources discovered in the entire house. A limitation is that it is non-intrusive and hidden areas of mold may go undetected.

Inspection Fee (Up to 3,000 square feet) $300.00
Minimum 2 Outdoor Control Samples Required $150.00
Each Additional Sample (1 sample required in each room of the building including basement) $75.00

Clearance Testing

Clearance Testing is designed to determine the effectiveness of remediation efforts and to document the absence of microbial problems before renovations begin. The nature and extent of the sampling is directed by an IAQ Specialist as part of the remediation plan prescribed for the property. Clearance testing is conducted within contaminated areas after remediation efforts have been completed. Contaminated areas are portions of the building that were sealed with polyethylene to limit spread of contamination during remediation.

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Post-Cleaning Testing

Post-Cleaning Testing is designed to determine the effectiveness of remediation efforts and whether mold problems still exist in a designated area where no containment was in place for the remediation effort.

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Mold Inspection - Mold Sampling - Mold Testing

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Montgomery County

Abington, Abrahams, Ambler, Anise, Arcola, Ardmore, Ardsley, Arlingham, Ashmead Village, Audubon, Baederwood, Bala, Bala- Cynwyd, Barlow Heights, Barren Hill, Belfry, Belmont Terrace, Benson East, Bergey, Bethayres, Bethel Hill, Betzwood, Black Horse, Blue Bell, Bonair, Bramcote, Brandywine Village, Bridgeport, Broad Axe, Bryn Athyn, Bryn Mawr, Cedar Heights, Cedarbrook, Cedars, Center Square, Chelten Hills, Cold Point, Collegeville, Colmar, Colonial Village, Congo, Connaughtown, Conshohocken, Conshohocken Station, Corsons, County Line, Creamery, Crestmont, Crosswicks, Cynwyd Estates, Delphi, Dresher, Eagleville, Earlington, East Greenville, East Norriton, East Oreland, Edge Hill, Elkins Park, Elroy, Enfield, Erdenheim, Ernest, Eureka, Evansburg, Fagleysville, Fairoaks, Fairview Village, Fitzwatertown, Five Points, Flourtown, Fort Washington, Fortuna, Franconia, Franklinville, Frederick, Fruitville, Fulmor, Gilbertsville, Gladwyne, Glasgow, Glenside, Grand View Heights, Graterford, Green Lane, Gulph Mills, Gwynedd, Gwynedd Heights, Gwynedd Square, Gwynedd Valley, Halfway House, Hallowell, Harleysville, Harmonville, Hatboro, Hatfield, Haverford, Heaton, Heebnerville, Henderson Park, Hendricks, Hickorytown, Hidden Valley, Hill Crest, Hillegass, Hoffmansville, Hollywood, Hoppenville, Horsham, Hughes Park, Huntingdon Valley, Ivy Rock, Jarrettown, Jeffersonville, Jenkintown, King of Prussia, Kings Manor, Kleinville, Kratz, Kulpsville, Lafayette Park, Lancasterville, Lansdale, Laverock, Layfield, Lederach, Limerick, Limerick Center, Lindberg Heights, Linfield, Lucon, Mainland, Maple Glen, Marble Hall, McKinley, Meadowbrook, Melrose Park, Merion Park, Mill Road, Mingo, Miquon, Mogees Station, Mont Clare, Montgomeryville, Morwood, Narberth, Neiffer, New Hanover, New Hanover Square, Niantic, Noble, Norristown, Norritonville, North Hills, North Wales, Oak Lane, Oak Park, Oaks, Obelisk, Oreland, Orvilla, Palm, Paper Mills, Pencoyd, Penllyn, Penn Square, Penn Valley, Penn Wynne, Pennsburg, Perkiomen Heights, Perkiomenville, Pleasant Run, Plymouth Meeting, Port Providence, Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Prospectville, Rahns, Red Hill, Reliance, Rockledge, Rose Valley, Roseglen, Rosemont, Roslyn, Royersford, Rydal, Saint Marys Seminary, Salford, Salfordville, Sanatoga, Sassamansville, Schwenksville, Seven Stars, Shainline, Shirks Corner, Skippack, Souderton, Spring House, Spring Mill, Spring Mount, Stowe, Sumneytown, Sunnybrook, Swedeland, Swedesburg, Telford, Three Tuns, Trappe, Trewigtown, Trooper, Tylersport, Unionville, Upper Glasgow, Valley Falls, Valley Forge Homes, Vernfield, Walnut Hill, Washington Hill, Washington Square, Weldon, West Conshohocken, West Manayunk, West Norriton, West Point, Wetherills Corner, Whitemarsh, Williams, Willow Grove, Woodmont, Worcester, Woxall, Wyncote, Wyndmoor, Wynnewood, Yerkes

Other Populated Places in Montgomery County (Neighborhoods, Subdivisions & Settlements)

Abruzzi Estates, Acorn, Ager Tract, Alnwick, Alto Grandview Acres, Ambler House, Andorra Springs, Andorra Woods, Apple Tree Estates, Arbor Glen, Arbors at Providence, Arcadia at Inverness Glen, Arrowhead Knoll, Ashbourne, Ashford Green, Audobon Gardens, Audubon Gardens, Audubon Shrine, Banbury, Banbury Crossing, Barley Lane, Bayhill, Beidler Knoll, Belcourt Manor, Belfry Meadow, Bellingham Knoll, Belmont Hills, Berwick Place, Bethel Grant, Birchwood Terrace, Birkdale, Blair Mill Village East, Blair Mill Village West, Blue Bell Crossing, Blue Bell Farms, Blue Bell Gardens, Blue Bell Glenn, Blue Bell Knoll, Blue Bell Road Manor, Blue Bell Square, Bob White Farms, Bramble Gate, Bremen Woods, Breyer, Brittany Farms at Equus, Brittany Pointe Estates, Broad Axe Village, Brookshyre Woods, Byberry, Calmensin, Cambridge Knoll, Cambridge Reserve, Candle Brook, Cannon Run, Cannon Run West, Cardinal Hollow, Cardinal View, Carpenters Way, Cassel Mill Farms, Cathcart Manor, Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove, Cedarbrook Hill, Center Square Green, Chadwick Place, Chapel Hill Manor, Chatham Village of Towamencin, Cheltenham, Cheltenham Village, Cherry Dale, Chester Downs, Chestnut Pointe, Cheswyck, Cinnamon Hill, Clayton Hill II, Clearbrook Village, Clover Crest, Cloverly Farms, Cobblestone East, Coldspring Crossing, Coleston, Collegeville Arms, Collegeville Crossing, Collegeville Glen, Collegeville Greene, Colony Arms, Continental Arms, Coventry House, Cowpath Village, Creekwood Village, Crestview at Skippack, Crestwyck, Crooked Lane Crossing, Cross Gate, Cynwyd, Dartmouth Hills, Dawesfield, De La Salle, DeKalb Farms, Dekalb Park, Dell at Muirfield, Derstine Estates, Dock Manor Terrace, Donny Brook Estates, Dresher Woods, Dreshertowne, Dublin Chase, Dublin Crossing, Dublin Estates, Dublin Glen, Dublin Hunt II, Dublin Lea, Dublin Meadows, Eagel Stream, Eastburn Terrace, Elkins Park Gardens, Elkins Park House, Estate of Dublin, Estates at Cedar Hill, Estates at Collegeville, Estates at Faraway Farm, Estates at Whitemarsh, Estates of Horsham Lea, Estates of Montgomery, Evansburg Crossing, Executive Estates Park, Executive House (subdivision), Fair Hills, Faircrest Farms, Far-A-Field, Fellwick, Five Points, Fords Edge, Forge Spring Village, Forrest View, Foulkeways, Fox Heath, Foxcroft Square, Franconia Hunt, Frog Hollow Estates, Fruitville, Georgetown of Philadelphia, Gleneagles, Glengary Highlands, Glenn Rose, Gloria Dei Towers, Golden Age Manor, Golf Ridge, Green Hill MH Park, Green Tree, Greenshire Estates, Greenview Estates, Greystone Manor, Gristmill Run, Gulph Mills Village, Gulph Terrace, Gwynedd Acres, Gwynedd Chase, Gwynedd Club, Gwynedd Estates, Gwynedd Hill, Gwynedd Knoll, Gwynedd Lea, Gwynedd Pointe, Gwynedd Woods, Gwynmont Farms, Gwynn Oaks, Gypsy Rose Estates, Half Way House, Hamilton Court, Hampton Green, Hanover Court, Harley Corners, Harley Glen, Harleysville Homestead, Harmony Towne, Heather Knoll, Heather View, Helen Marie Court, Henderson, Herritage Ridge, Hickory Tree Estates, Hidden Creek Estates, Hidden Creek Phase II, Hidden Springs MH Park, Hillcrest Meadows, Hilpert, Hollis Hills, Hollow Woods, Hooverton, Horsham Chase, Horsham Heights, Horsham Terrace, Hunter Crest, Hunter Villa, Hunters Greene, Imperial Arms, Indian Crest Farms, Inglewood, Inglewood Gardens, Inverrary, Iron Bridge Estates, Ironbridge Estates, Jamestown Village, Joshua Knoll, Kennedy House, Kerwood, Kimberly Knoll, Kingscote, Lafayette, Lamott, Latches Lane, Leary Trace Park, Lexington Farms, Lexington Leas, Limerick Greene, Limerick Village MH Park, Linfield Farms, Linfield Woods, Lions Gate II, Lochwood Estates, Long Lane Farms III, Lowell Hills, Lynnewood Gardens, Lynnwood Gardens, Madison Ridge, Maple Glen Hollow, McMoran Park, Meadow Lane Farms, Meadow View Estates, Meadow Wick, Meadowcreek Estates, Meadowlands Manor, Meadows at Lower Gwynedd, Mechanicsville, Meetinghouse Village, Mercer Hill Village, Merion, Merion Gardens, Merion Hills, Merion View, Mermaid Estates, Merrybrook, Mews at Blue Bell, Mews at Valley Forge, Mill Grove, Mill Run, Mogeetown, Moister Tract, Montgomery Brooke, Montgomery Crossing, Montgomery Glen, Montgomery Greeny, Montgomery Oaks, Morganville, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon Gardens, Muirfield, Myers Tract, Narcissa, Norlynne Court, Normandy Farms Estates, Norrington Knoll, Norris Hills Court, Norrition Woods, Norriton East, North Penn Crossing, Oak Grove Trailer Park, Oak Lane Manor, Oak Summit, Oak Wood East, Oaklane, Oakwood at Plymouth, Olde Village, Orchard Courts, Oxford Manor, Palm Beach Farm, Parkerford, Parsons Glen, Pear Tree Village, Pelham Green, Pen Ambler, Pencoyd Park, Penllyn Knoll, Penn Brooke, Penn Brooke Gardens, Penn Oak Manor, Penn Weldy, Pennbrooke Manor, Pennfield Manor, Pennington Reserve at Upper Providence, Pennypacker Road, Perkiomen, Perkiomen Greene, Perkiomen Place, Perkiomen Woods, Pheasant Knoll, Pin Oak Estates, Pineview Estates, Pinewoods, Pleasant Valley Homes, Pleasant View Acres, Plymouth Gardens, Plymouth Hills, Plymouth Meadows, Plymouth Valley, Providence Crossing, Providence Forge, Providence Green, Providence Knoll, Providence Meadows, Providence Oaks, Providence Ridge, Providence View, Prussian Woods, Rampart Ridge, Ramsgate-Providence Hunt, Randy Run, Regency Knoll, Regency Park Towers, Regent Manor, Renninger Tract, Ridge Estates, Ridgeview Terrace Trailer Park, Ringing Hills, Ringing Rock Gardens, Ritter Estates, Rivers Bend, Robert Bruce, Roboda, Rolling Meadow Estates, Rosecliff, Rosemore Gardens, Roslyn Heights, Rubicam, Rydal East, Rydal Estates, Rydal Green, Rydal Park, Rydall Park, Salford Pond, Salford Ridge, Sanatoga Commons, Saw Mill Valley, School Side Manor, Schoolside Manor, Schwenfield Manor, Shady Grove Manor, Shaners Trailer Park, Sheffield Village, Sherry Lake East, Shinnecock, Shoemak Village, Shoemaker Village, Silverbrook Farms, Skippack Ridge, Sorrelhorse, Spring Mount Summit, Springtown, Squires Estates, Squires Knoll, Stony Brook, Stormfield, Stuart Creek Farms, Stuarts Keep, Sugar Hill Farms, Sugarvalley, Summer Chase, Summerwind, Sunny Ayr Estates, Sunny Brook Estates, Sunnyside Farms, Sussex Square, Sutton Terrace, Sweet Briar, Talamore, Talamore at Oak Terrace, Tannerie Woods, Terrace Hill, Terwood, The Colony at Valley Forge, The Estates at Fawn Ridge, The Estates at Whitemarsh Hills, The Estates of Audubon North, The Estates of Audubon South, The Glen at Greenfields, The Heathers, The Meadows, The Meadows at Providence Reserve, The Meadows of Horsham Towne, The Mermont, The Pines, The Reserve, The Reserve at Lafayette Springs, The Reserve at Trewellyn, The Ridings of Montgomery, The Stanbridge (subdivision), The Woodlands, The Woods, The Woods at Providence Reserve, The Wyndon, Thomas Wynne, Towamencin Village, Town Court, Townline, Trappe Meadows, Treemont Terrace, Trent Manor, Trewellyn Estates, Trooper MH Park, Upper Dublin, Upper Fairview, Valentine Estates, Valley Forge Acres, Valley Forge Estates, Valley Forge Towers, Valley Forge Trailer Park, Valley Green, Valley Hi East, Victoria Glen, Villa of Flair Skippack Village, Village at Salford Mill, Village Brook Estate, Village Circle, Village of Mingo, Village of Willowbend, Village Scene Trailer Park, Wales Junction, Walnut Crossing, Walnut Farms, Warlgya Tract, Washington Park, Washingtons Crossing, Waynewoods, Weatherlea, Welch Village, Welsh Woods, West Laurel Hill, West Pottsgrove, West Spring Mills, Westaway, Westbury, Westover Club, White Marsh Meadows, Whitemarsh Green, Whitemarsh Hunt, Whitemarsh Woods, Whitpain Hills, Whitpain Manor, Whitpain Woods, William Penn Villas, Willow Manor, Willowmere, Willowyck, Winding Brook Estates, Winding Estates, Windsor Pass, Winners Circle, Winnie Tract, Wissahickon Park Gardens, Wister Woods, Wooded Glen, Wooded Pond, Woodgate, Wrenfield, Wyndmoor Estates, Wynmere Downs, Wynmere Hunt, Wynnebrook Manor, Wynnewood House, Wynwood Estates, Yorkshire Commons, Yorkshires of Blue Bell, Zieglersville