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Sewer Lateral Video Inspections

Many homeowners and buyers do not realize that the sewer lines that connect to the public utility and enter the house are the responsibility of the home owner in most municipalities. Problems in the sewer lines can cause flooding of your home and sink holes to form around the property which can be expensive repairs. Flooding as a result of a sewage backup can cause damage to structural components of the home and the interior finished surfaces and create conditions conducive of mold growth and spread harmful bacteria in the living space.

Whether your home is new construction or a hundred years old, Accuracy Assured Home Inspections recommends that a sewer lateral video inspection be performed on any home that is being purchased or has had drainage issues. The process is relatively simple and can alert you to various defects such as cracked and crushed pipes, blockages, tree root intrusion, offset pipes, improperly sloped pipes, corrosion, and illegal connections to storm drains. Having a sewer lateral inspection can save your hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs and provide you peace of mind.

Cracks in Pipes

Cracks can occur in new and old sewer systems. Pipes can be damaged in new construction due to heavy equipment driving over areas where pipes have been laid underground. Settlement in foundations over time can cause compression on pipes penetrating through the foundation wall and can be a source of moisture intrusion to basements. Homes on heavily traveled roads are prone to vibration damage and cracks can develop.

Pipe Separation

Pipes can separate over time or even be installed with defects. If piping is not properly supported by compacted bedding, they can sag as the soil settles resulting in the pipe joints pulling apart. Improperly installed piping can allow for gaps to collect debris which will trap debris. Leaks in separated sections of pipe can cause erosion of soil and allow for sink holes to develop and can contaminate drinking water supplies.


Blockages can occur from many sources. One of the most common that is encountered is from grease buildup in the pipes. Objects and materials that are improperly disposed of can also cause problems. Items such as toys, rocks, and construction debris have been found inside of sewer lines. A common problem that is encountered is after a property has been newly constructed or renovated and drywall contractors or tile setters wash their tools and equipment inside a home which creates blockages from dried drywall compound or grout.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots can cause serious issues and result in complete blockages in sewer lines. Cracks in lines allow for roots to enter that thrive on nutrients flowing through the sewer system. Root systems can spread large distances from trees. Root intrusion problems have been found as far as twenty feet from the nearest tree.


Cast iron pipes corrode from the interior. To the average homeowner, damage is not visible until it is too late. Corrosion can create weak points in the pipe wall that are prone to developing leaks or cracks which can allow for raw sewage to leak into the home. Cast iron piping is also prone to scale buildup which can create rough surfaces and form blockages.

Mechanical Restrictions

Nobody is perfect and sometime plumbers make mistakes. Installed defects are common finds that can restrict the flow and decrease the functional diameter of pipes. Here is an example where a piece of ABS drain pipe was inserted too far into an older cast iron drain connection creating a partial obstruction. This home had sewer backups in the past which resulted in damage to the interior.


Sewer Lateral Video Inspection Fees
With Home Inspection $150.00
Independent Inspection $195.00
4 inch Brass Clean Out Replacement $25.00